Hip Hip Hooray!!

8th August 2017

One year old!! I can’t believe it!!
My little baby blog is ONE today – and what a brilliant year it has been!

I have connected and worked with so many amazing people and businesses.
My very favourite part about blogging is the support and emails I receive after a post that has touched someones heart.
I write how I speak. So when you’re reading my blog, it’s like we’re sitting together, sipping hot tea, having a chat. Just the two of us.

I had grand plans on how to mark this occasion, but with everything else that is happening in our world at the moment- this and this, I simply haven’t had enough time.
I will definitely be popping some bubbles this evening though!

So, just a short one to say Thank you!
Thank you for your support, for listening, for reading and for always being so kind.
It means so much more than you’ll ever know.

Biggest love,


Feature Image care of Poppies for Grace

4 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray!!

  1. Kay

    Sounds amazing. The security check for the second ‘this’ is very difficult to read and thus type. Any suggestions to read this part of the post?????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. herlifeandloves

      Sorry Kay. It was directing you to the Breaky for Boobires Facebook, but the FB security seems to be tight. I”ve just changed it to take you to the IG page instead. Thanks for letting me know x


  2. Shauna

    Congrats Clare!
    My big boy turns 10 today too. It’s a very lucky day in the Chinese calendar.
    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures ahead. xx

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