Hello, is it me you’re looking for…?

29th October, 2019

Good golly Miss Molly, how the heck did we find ourselves heading into November?!
This year has been the fastest one yet…and what a brilliant one at that!

I wanted to jump on and punch out a few words. To say hello and fill you in on our past few months.
I have thought about this little blog often, but haven’t had the time or the mojo to sit down and pump out a post or two.

We have had a busy 6 months. Travel has been high on the agenda again this year. We spent some time in Hawaii over July, Tassie in August and we have just come home from the most incredible trip to Queenstown, New Zealand.
(Posts on each of those trips to come, I promise!)

The kids are doing great. Busy with school, sport, music…you Mums know how it is. A constant juggle, but one I will never take for granted.

Andrew and I have just celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary. I know what you’re all thinking, and no, we weren’t 12 when we got married…HA – but would you just look at those baby faces!!

We are two weeks out from our annual Breaky for Boobies event. It is set to be a ripper morning yet again.
Emily and I are hoping to crack the $150,000 this year, so stay tuned!

Silly season is coming at us full throttle, and we will also have a teenager in the house before we know it with Miss Lily turning 13 at the end of November. Such an exciting time! I love this time of the year…just not all the crazy that comes with it.
Oh, and just to add to the crazy pile – I recently accepted a full time position working for a large building company here in Geelong. EEEEEK. The first time I have worked full time in over 13 years and I won’t lie – it has taken some adjusting. Lots of changes for our little family – but so far, so good!
I have been doing freelance design work for quite a while now, but I was ready to be part of a team again. Working for yourself definitely has its perks, but it’s pretty lonely.

Well there you have it. Update 101 on the Barnes clan.

I’ll be back soon with another episode, so stay tuned.

I hope all is well in your world, wherever that may be.

Big love,
C xx



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