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30th November, 2020

Sheesh – what a year it has been! 2020 – the year of the pandemic. The year that Covid hit the world with force and we were locked down. The year when all international travel was cancelled and we were not even allowed to leave our state, and for some – not even venture further than 5kms from their homes. The year when toilet paper became the new GOLD and there were limitations on how many packets of pasta you could buy in the supermarket!
The year we were forced to take stock and remember what matters – the simple things.
You could not have written a more crazy year if you tried.

We have been fortunate. Andrew and I have been busier with work than ever before. The kids had two remote learning stints – but had wonderful support from their individual schools and peers. We could not fault it.

Here in Regional Victoria, we were not hit as hard as Melbourne and the surrounding Metro areas.
We had weeks of total lockdown, but we also had the many weeks of somewhat freedom where we were able to get out into regional areas and enjoy our home state. That has been our been a silver lining.

As I sit here now – over 8 months ago I started working from home, sharing an office space with Andrew…I am feeling very grateful for the year we have had. For the opportunity to be together more. To have Andrew home more. The year has flown. I can’t believe tomorrow is December 1st and in a few weeks we will be celebrating Christmas. Thankfully we will be able to get together with family because for now – the Covid situation seems to be under control.

I haven’t really had the motivation to write much this year. There were times when I thought I would close this site down, but once I start to write and connect, I remember how much I love it and how much I enjoy sharing our life and story…so perhaps you will see me around a little more often.

For now – peace out. I’ll be back again soon I promise.


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