Road tripping Gurus: 3 States in 2 Days…

14th September, 2018

Road tripping is lots of fun. We love having our own wheels, the freedom to stop wherever and whenever we please.
The USA makes road tripping so easy for tourists and locals alike. There are service station villages evenly scattered along the highway. Bathroom stops and lots of options for food.
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World Schooling & How We’re Doing It

19th August, 2018

World Schooling is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit these days. Especially in the travel family circles.
When we initially made the decision to take the kids out of mainstream schooling and travel the world for a year, the first thing I did was book an appointment with our school Principal.
I knew he was a wealth of knowledge, with several decades in the education system under his belt, and I was open to taking his lead when it came to this next big education step for us.

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