About Clare

blog4I am Clare.
Clare I am.

Welcome to my little corner of the Blogosphere.
Here I will be sharing my life in country Victoria, Australia with my spunk of a husband and our little pigeon pair- Lily 10 and Spencer 9.

I’ll be sharing my life and my loves and pretty much anything that catches my eye and captures my heart.

So, who am I?
I am a middle child. I am a wife. I am a mother.
I am a libran (which apparently makes me really bad at making decisions…)
I am woman, hear me roar!
I am a qualified Interior Designer and stylist.
I am a wine lover, a food lover, a human lover.
I am a good quote lover and a well made bed lover.
I am happiest when I am traveling with my tribe, or trying something new.

I am me.

I hope you follow along with my journey and enjoy the ride.

If you’d like to connect with me, work with me, or simply have a chat – please click here.

I truly appreciate your support and I am mighty glad you’ve stopped by.

Welcome friends.
Welcome to: her life+loves.