About Clare



We are a family of 4 from Australia and we love to travel.
We are all too aware that life is short, so we spent 6 months planning a year long round the world trip together and now we are living our dream.
We sold our home and packed our worldly possessions into storage.
With 4 backpacks and a heart full of dreams, we have set off.
First stop is South East Asia, followed by the UK and Europe.

So, who are we?
I am Clare, Clare I am.
I am a middle child. I am a wife. I am a mother.
I am a libran (which apparently makes me really bad at making decisions…)
I am woman, hear me roar!
I am a qualified Interior Designer and stylist.
I am a wine lover, a food lover, a human lover.
I am a good quote lover and a well made bed lover.
I am happiest when I am travelling with my tribe, or trying something new.

Andrew is my better half.
He’s a corporate businessman and looks amazing in a suit!
He is more patient than I am.
He is funnier than I am.
He loves to eat and will try anything once. He is my constant support.

Lily is 11.
She is typical bossy, big sister, but adores her little brother. She is kind and sweet and so very creative. She always has her nose in a book.

Spencer is 9 and the youngest of our tribe. He is cheeky and smart and a practical joker.
Constantly hungry and always on the move!

Together – we are Her Travelling Tribe.

I hope you follow along with our journey and enjoy the ride.

If you’d like to connect with me, work with me, or simply have a chat – please click here.

I truly appreciate your support and I am mighty glad you’ve stopped by.

Welcome friends.
Welcome to: her life+loves.