Letter to My Lily – 13 Years Young

23rd November, 2019

At exactly this time 13 years ago, I was home – putting my feet up after having spent the past 2 weeks in hospital trying to keep you happy and content in my tummy for a little longer. We had succeeded and I was allowed to go home to be with Dad and wait for your arrival.
I was almost 34 weeks pregnant and you were determined to join us sooner than later.
I woke in the early hours of Friday morning on November 24th, 2006 with cramps. I knew this was the real deal. I ran a hot shower which woke Dad soon after, and within an hour we were in the hospital. The staff knew me well at this point and were very keen to meet you, as were we!

I couldn’t wait to see you. To learn if you were a little boy or girl. To name you and to hold you in my arms. We were a little worried that being so premature – you would need medical intervention – but you my girl – you were born beautifully perfect. Not even needing any oxygen to help your little lungs. You were the most wondeful thing I had ever set my eyes on and that memory is ingrained into my mind forever, and ever.

You gave me the greatest gift of all that day. Something I had always prayed for. You made me a Mum. Thank you my girl.

To think it has been 13 years is crazy! 13 years of watching you grow. Of teaching you, and watching you bloom.

This past year has been such a lovely one for you. So many new experiences. So many firsts.
You took up guitar lessons and started writing your own songs, something you take great pride in and makes my heart burst when you pickup your guitar and play, just like your Dad.
You’ve formed new friendships and nurtured existing ones.
You have discovered your love and interest in Yoga, journal writing and water polo. You have continued to cook and you just love every moment you get in the kitchen. You’re always happy in the pool.
You’ve learned a lot about the world and what matters to you.
You made a personal choice to become vegan, and you are so passionate about it.
You love school and work so hard, always trying your best with all you do.

You can be shy, yet so crazy and loud. You’re funny, you’re grumpy. You’re still as clumsy as the day is long. You have legs that go on forever, and I am certain they must be hollow – you’re eating as much as Dad these days.

You still count your best friends on one hand. Quality over quantity and the best way to be I say, Dad and I are the same.
You don’t leave the house without a book, or two in hand. You’re always creating.
You take great pride in your skin care and hair. Something you have taken upon yourself.
You adore your brother, and the feeling is mutual.

2020 is set to be a very exciting one for you. A change of school after being at the same one for 8 years. You’re ready and you’re going to just thrive.

I am so proud of you my Lily Jane. I still don’t know what I did in this life to deserve you, but I am forever grateful.
Don’t ever stop being the fun loving, always finding the good in everyone, lover of life, of the world and every single animal that crosses your path girl that we know you are.
We love you to parts….pieces and we cant wait to celebrate you tomorrow with everyone who loves you dearly.

Your Muggsy xoxox






One thought on “Letter to My Lily – 13 Years Young

  1. savanahganly

    Happy Birthday, Lily! You are just the most beautiful soul. You should be so proud of yourself and your achievements. Have a beautiful day. Love from all of us. x


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