Letter to my Spencer – 12 Years Young

1st March, 2020

12 years old. How can it be?
I remember this very day 12 years ago so vividly. The first moment I laid eyes on you. My little boy. 6 pound 13 ounces of perfection, complete with a single dimple on your right cheek. You have had me wrapped around your little finger ever since.

Yesterday we celebrated with 8 of your best friends. A wonderful group of young men who adore you almost as much as we do.
A Harry Potter themed party, complete with a game of Quidditch, (thanks to Dad for making the most epic golden Quidditch rings) and potion class, naturally.

This year is your last year of Primary School and you’re off to a great start already.
A lot happens in a year, but then again – not much has changed.
You still love Potter, basketball and lego, and you have a new found love of American football too. We even let you take a day off school to watch the Super Bowl with Dad, and the Baltimore Ravens are your current favourites.

You never go anywhere without a book or two in hand.
You still love my cooking and tell me every week to open up a cafe. My biggest fan.
You’re still the first one to rise in the morning and the first to sleep at night.
You’re an emotional soul. So much like me in so many ways. You tear up when you hear sadness in the news. You also tear up when you hear of happiness. When you read birthday cards or watch a movie that brings you joy. You feel. You’re passionate and determined. You’re smart. So smart. Not just school smart, but street smart. More commonsense than any other kid I know. You’re witty, inquisitive, funny and LOVE to dance.
You’re strong willed and stand your ground when needed.

Water always soothes you. When you’re in a funk or you’re too tired to function, a shower is the perfect cure for you.
You’re a homebody and love your own time – pottering around in your room. Lego, playstation, reading, creating – a busy mind, always.
I often need to remind you to slow down and breathe. Sometimes you worry about the future. About growing up and getting older. I like to remind you that growing up is a gift, but to enjoy being a kid for as long as you can. Adulthood will come in time, and it will be swell.

I love our chats. You’re my littlest best friend and I simply adore you.
Don’t ever change my little man. Keep sparkling always.
Love you to parts, pieces.

Always, Mum xx



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