Cape Cottages, Skenes Creek North

15th July, 2021

Okay. Guilty! I know I said I would start to frequent here more often. The year has just got away from me – yet again!

I have had quite a few messages and emails lately about our trip to this beautiful property, so I thought I would pop everything here for you all to check out.

One great take away from this past year of crazy has been exploring and discovering more to love about our home state of Victoria. 

Late last year we were lucky enough to stay a few days down the coast in Skenes Creek North at Cape Cottages. Read More

Hello stranger!

30th November, 2020

Sheesh – what a year it has been! 2020 – the year of the pandemic. The year that Covid hit the world with force and we were locked down. The year when all international travel was cancelled and we were not even allowed to leave our state, and for some – not even venture further than 5kms from their homes. The year when toilet paper became the new GOLD and there were limitations on how many packets of pasta you could buy in the supermarket!
The year we were forced to take stock and remember what matters – the simple things.
You could not have written a more crazy year if you tried.

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Letter to My Lily – 13 Years Young

23rd November, 2019

At exactly this time 13 years ago, I was home – putting my feet up after having spent the past 2 weeks in hospital trying to keep you happy and content in my tummy for a little longer. We had succeeded and I was allowed to go home to be with Dad and wait for your arrival.
I was almost 34 weeks pregnant and you were determined to join us sooner than later.
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