Easter 2019

23rd April, 2019

School is back today after more than 2 weeks holidays, Easter has come and gone and it is confirmed – 2019 is flying by!

We’ve had a lovely couple of weeks. The weather can be hit or miss this time of year in Victoria, but luckily it’s been absolutely perfect. Our school holidays consisted of sleep-ins and sleep overs, playdates with friends, rollerblading, ice skating, movies, lunch dates, road trips. It’s been so great.

Easter long weekend rolled around and we spent Good Friday in Melbourne with friends from interstate. Lots of great food, sunshine and raising money for the Good Friday Appeal.
On Saturday we headed up to the You Yangs with my side of the family. When I say “my side” – I am talking about a whole 3 people. Dad, my sister Hilly and her partner Ben..(my brother lives in Fiji..). A picnic in the sun, a hike and chocolate – Easter perfection right there.
Easter Sunday is generally the same year on year. An early morning egg hunt around the house, followed by a BBQ lunch with Andrew’s side of the family. Fun with cousins, more chocolate and new winter PJ’s from Nanny.
A brilliant Term 1 break indeed.

Now, we dive head first into Term 2. If only time would slow down!

Hope you survived the school holidays and had a lovely Easter break.

Big love,
C x

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