Fill a bucket or 3

17th August, 2017

It was May last year when the kids came home from school talking about ‘filling buckets’. 
I had no idea what they were talking about. We sat down together as we do each day after school, and over hot chocolate and cookies I asked them all about this bucket filling caper.

They explained to me that everyone in the world has an invisible bucket.
We carry around our buckets every day.
Sometimes they are full to the brim, sometimes they are empty.
Some people are bucket fillers (those who create and spread joy, who lift people up with kindness and good will)….
Some are bucket scoopers (the negative Nelly’s of the world. Those who put down, gossip, bully and don’t care much for kindness).

Coming from two little humans (8+9 at the time) – this really pulled on my Mama heartstrings.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the adults of the world took this on as well?
If we walked around each day with the intent of filling buckets – right to the brim.
Kindness – we can dish it out in whopping helpings as often as we like if we choose to.

I am setting a challenge to those who wish to partake.
Starting tomorrow and each Friday thereafter, try to fill as many buckets as you can.
Whether it is giving your local Woolies check out chick a compliment, telling someone they smell nice (in a non-creepy way), shouting someone a coffee. Bringing in your neighbours rubbish bins. Calling a long-lost friend and telling them you’re thinking of them. Sending some snail mail, or simply smiling at a stranger in the street.
It can take only a brief moment of your time, but has the potential to change someones entire day for the better.

After our chats last May – I started a hashtag on Instagram #bucketfillerfriday
I would love to see you filling some buckets and using the hashtag to share some love around.

So, go on – fill a few buckets tomorrow – I double dare, physical challenge you!

Big bucket filling love,




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