So much to do…

6th August, 2017

Blow me down and call me Elvis!
This little community is something pretty special. I have received so many emails and messages following our recent announcement and travel plans.

We have just cracked the 3 month countdown mark and are in full swing of planning the adventure.
So much to consider, to organise and plan.
So much to pack up, to store and sell off.
“3 months is ages…” I said, but now we’re actually IN IT – each week is passing quicker than the last.

Our house settles on the 1st of November and we aim to fly out a few days after that.
Vietnam will most likely be the first stop. We’d like to stay there for about a month. Ticking off Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Really get into the thick of it.
We have to keep reminding the kids that this isn’t the Club Med holiday they have become so accustomed to (oops!)
This will be slow, authentic travel. We have 12 months up our sleeve, but we will just keep going for as long as the 4 of us are enjoying it and happy. No time frame. No pressure. If we’ve all had enough in 5 months, we will come back. Buy another house, or we may even build again and then back into life as we know it. For now however, we aren’t thinking about “What happens when you come back?”
We are focussing on all that is ahead of us – the adventure!

We each have made a little list of places we’d like to visit and things we’d like to see and experience. Of course we will be doing some of the touristy stuff, but more than anything, we want to really get into the heart of these countries. We will visit orphanages and schools. Churches and community groups. We will volunteer our time if we are able. This will be a huge eye opener for us all. We want to show the kids the world – the good, the bad and the ugly. We want to get into the cultures of each new place and learn all about the people and their lives.

Lily has a birthday a few weeks after we leave, so we’re currently working out where we will be for that, as well as working out where we will spend Christmas this year, just the 4 of us.
The lists in my head are a million miles long.

I’d love to hear from other families who have embarked on a similar journey.
Is there anything you forgot, that you wish you’d taken? Any tips or pointers, or must see places?

I am aiming to keep you updated each week or two in the lead up to Novembers departure.

Hope your Sunday is a good one.

Big love,

Barnes Family_Final

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