7 Sleeps to go

18th December, 2016

1 week to go!
Are you ready?
We have prezzies wrapped. Tree Decorated. Happy kids finishing school on Tuesday for 6 whole weeks.
The fridge is stocked.
Bring. It. On.

This year we had an Elf on the shelf arrive on our door step. We named him Frank. He’s been having a splendid time at our place and the kids are so excited each morning to search for him and see what he’s been up to whilst they’ve been sleeping.
Seriously so cute!!


Our Christmas Day is fairly simple and relaxed.
Luckily both Andrew and myself grew up in the same town and our families are all still here. Each year we do ’round-about’ for Christmas Day lunch. This year, it’s our turn to have lunch with Andrew’s side of the family.
We usually arrive around noon, feast, drink, feast some more. Give and receive gifts and enjoy each others company for the afternoon, before rolling out the door in the early evening.

We will see my side on Christmas Eve at our house. It’s generally a big platter and champagne for dinner type affair. We play cheesy Christmas carols and my sister may help me with some last minute baking and wrapping.
My brother will Skype us from his island in Fiji and we will pretend that for a moment, we are all together in the same room.

This year I am going to make a point of really sitting back and taking it all in.
Absorbing the love of family and how blessed we all are to be able to share this celebration together.

Here are a few pics from around our home this festive season.

What are your plans for Christmas Day?

Big love,


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3 thoughts on “7 Sleeps to go

  1. seona74

    Merry Christmas! This year we’re heading to my parents for Christmas. The first time since my Grannie died 😞 But it will be nice to head to mum and dads – still trying to work out sleeping arrangements since we have more people than beds 😬 I believe tents will be involved! Plus I have booked us 2 nights away in a cottage from boxing day…first relaxing holiday since getting the boys that we foster (3 1/2 yrs!). xx

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