Christmas Wish List

15th December, 2016

Last week Andrew asked me what I’d like for Christmas.

Well, besides world peace, the body I had when I was 21 and a never ending round the world trip…
I really need a new vacuum and new ironYawnnn….

Like most folk these days, when I am keen on something – be it a new piece of clothing, new shoes, perfume – I will go out and buy it.
Remember the old days when we would actually wait for a birthday or Christmas to get something for ourselves…?

Here is a little ‘Lust List’ I’ve come up with. A few items I’ve been swooning over for a while.

Darling husband – feel free to take your pick…x

How’s your shopping going, are you all done?
I am almost there.

1. MissKelly made in Tasmania Earrings
2. Jessie Rigby Original Canvas Art
3. Wittner Shoes Sandals
4. Gorman Dress
5. The Peach Box Watch
6. Sportsgirl Hat


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