1 week until Christmas!!!

18th December, 2017

Last year I wrote this post a week before Christmas.
This year looks a little bit different.

We are in Hua Hin, Thailand until early January. We decided it was best to settle somewhere for this busy time of year, and sit back and enjoy the festivities.
We have shopped for a (little) tree and some cute decorations. Bought Santa hats and reindeer ears.

I’ve managed to sneak in some secret shopping and stashed gifts away out of sight.
We have sent off Santa wish lists. Keeping to our usual tradition of the ‘Four Gift Rule’.
We have started playing Christmas carols and the kids are getting very excited!!

It was the BEST surprise having our Elf on the shelf Frank turn up in Cambodia on the 1st December. He has been up to mischief as per usual and the kids love looking for him each morning.

Before arriving in Hua Hin, we spent a few days in Bangkok. They do Christmas VERY well. Amazing trees and lights in the city. It was beautiful!!

It is an odd feeling being away from what we know to be the norm at Christmas time.
Friends, family. One too many glasses of champagne. Christmas parties and way too much food.
Spending a crazy amount of money on gifts.
This year I imagine will be like every other year, relaxed and simple….we will just be doing it in another country and it will just be the 4 of us.

In a few days we head to a resort where we are spending Christmas and New Year. We will set up our little tree and decorate our room.
I am imagining a slow morning on Christmas Day. Hopefully Santa finds us and hopefully we have two very happy kids.
We will phone home and speak with family and friends. Send messages and photos.
It will be different, but it will be lovely.

How are you going, all sorted?
Have you ever spent Christmas overseas?

I would love to hear from you.

Big love,
-C x



5 thoughts on “1 week until Christmas!!!

  1. Rachel Mugg

    2nd year we are spending Xmas overseas visiting Peters grandparents, which is really nice but I do miss the huge family lunch we have in NZ. There’s no tree or decorations this year for us, it it will be a very relaxing quiet xmas, but feeling very fortunate that our grandparents are still here (90 and 93 years old)

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  2. Meegan

    This Christmas/New Year will be spent…. packing!! 😆 I love that you’re visiting Thailand right now. What an amazing place to spend Christmas…

    Merry Christmas Travelling Tribe,
    From the Harvey Circus


  3. Christie

    Ahhh such a different experience having Christmas overseas! I had my first os Christmas in Bolivia-in the capital la Paz! My tour group had celebrated the night before (as is tradition in Bolivia), so actual Christmas was very low key! A bottle of coke and a packet of m&ms was
    Christmas lunch (recovery food!) and the day was spent playing cards and phoning home, so so different! A couple of cards from home was all I could fit in my backpack! I’ve only had one other and i was in France snowboarding with a group of my best mates after a year living in London, it was our last trip before we all headed home to reality, was filled with delicious food and sentimental pressies to remember our year abroad! You are creating such wonderful memories with your babes, living the dream! Merry Christmas!

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