No Bake Christmas treats

December 23, 2016

I love to whip up a few tasty treats this time of year.

These have featured on my Instagram story the past week or two and have sparked up a bit of interest.
Here are a few ‘No Bake’ delicious recipes. Perfect for the time poor Mumma and sure to get you some brownie points at your Christmas Day lunch with the family.

Chocolate Ripple Wreath
The good old Choc Ripple, with a Christmassy twist. You’ll need to double the recipe for this one (recipe is on the back of the pack). This is a big dessert, will serve around 20.

You’ll need:
2 x 250g packets Arnott’s Choc Ripple Biscuits
800ml thickened cream
2 x teaspoons vanilla essence
2 x teaspoons caster sugar
1 pack Jaffas
1 pack Mint leaves

1. Pour cream into a bowl with vanilla and sugar – whip with electric mixer until firm peaks.

2. Spread a little of the cream onto your platter in the shape of a wreath to act as your guide. Begin to sandwich the biscuits and cream together forming a circle as you go.
Continue this until all biscuits are used and you have a complete wreath.

3. Cover all biscuits with cream and smooth off. Chill for at least 6 hours.
(I set mine overnight in the fridge and save a little cream to ‘touch up’ the next day)

Tip: Add lollies the next day – an hour before required as colour from the Jaffas transfers a little.


Chocolate Royal Puddings 
These little cuties are always such a hit with my family.

You’ll need:
1 x Packet of Royal Biscuits (either Milk or Dark Chocolate)
White melting chocolate (I use Nestlé)
Spearmint leaves (cut into quarters)

Method: (Super simple)
Melt chocolate in microwave and spoon a little over the top of each biscuit.
Add a Jaffa and place mint leaves either side.
Let set for 15 minutes or so.


Reindeer Royals
I came up with these little guys after having a play with different biscuits. I tried melted chocolate on arrowroot biscuits, but just wasn’t loving them. I had an extra pack of Royals in the pantry and was super chuffed with how they turned out!

You’ll need:
1 x pack of Royal biscuits (I’ve used Milk choc)
Pretzels for antlers
Red M&M’s
Nestlé White chocolate Melts (for the noses and extra for melting)
Nestlé Dark chocolate Melts (just a little to stick antlers on)
Eyes: I used white M&M’s. These are available this time of year in a Christmas pack. I melted some dark chocolate for the centre of the eye, but you can use whatever is easiest.

1. Make the noses first. Melt white chocolate in microwave. Just enough to stick the red M&M to the white chocolate disc. Let set.

2. Make the eyes. If you’ve managed to find some ready made eyes in a cake store or supermarket – you can skip this step….(See above for how I did mine)

3. Using white melted chocolate – stick down the nose disc onto Royal biscuit, then stick down eyes. These will slip around a little, so you’ll need to hold them in place one by one until set.

4. Split up your pretzels for the perfect antlers (Easier said than done. Enjoy eating the duds, there will be a few!)

5. Melt dark chocolate in microwave, dip ends of pretzels into melted choc and hold on the edge of Royal until the surface melts a little and ‘pop’ it in. You may need to bog it up with a little extra melted choc. (See my pics for a better idea)

 Pretzels will drop a little until they’re set due to their weight so I placed some plain biscuits under them to prop them up until set.

Choc-Dipped Pretzels
I hate to waste – so these are a great way to use up extra ingredients.
Simply melt some chocolate, either white, milk or dark.
Dip the pretzels into melted chocolate, pop onto some baking paper and decorate with Christmas lollies.
I used crushed candy canes and green and red M&M’s.
The perfect bite sized treat, and I love the salty-sweet combination!

These will keep in an air tight container for a week or more.


Christmas Bark
Now, brace yourselves – this one is super tricky…!!

Melt chocolate and spread on baking paper, add your favourite toppings.
Refrigerate. Once set – break into pieces.

I made two this year, one with milk chocolate, candy canes (I used cherry flavour – amaze!!) and mixed M&M’s again.
The other – white chocolate with pistachio nuts, dried cranberries and dried apricots. DIVINE!


You’ve got 2 days left.
Enjoy whipping up some no bake Christmas treats and remember to tag me – I’d love to see your pics!

Merry Christmas to you all. 

Big love,

-C xx

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