Hello 2017!

6th January, 2017

Happy New Year.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
2016, for a lot of folk seemed to be a not-so-fabulous year. I don’t quite know why, but we sure had a lot of friends and family around us who were hanging to see the backside of 2016.

So, now she’s gone…and not much has changed. But ahead of us – a brand new year. Full of opportunity.

We really enjoyed Christmas.
Although if I’m honest – it didn’t really feel like Christmas to me this time around. Maybe it was the fact that it just snuck up on us so fast. I’m not sure. Nonetheless, we had a lovely one.
Christmas Eve was spent at our home with my side of the family. We gorged on a platter full of food as big as the table. The boys played pool and the kids built their new Lego. We ended the evening outside, enjoying the summer breeze and sipping prosecco (my new found love).


Christmas morning, the kids were up EARLY.
5.40am to be exact.
They came and woke us before touching any presents, as they do each year – so darn excited.
Santa brought the goods. Sticking to the ‘Four Gift Rule’.
We made pancakes for breakfast, and enjoyed a few hours together at home before heading to Andrew’s Mum’s house for lunch. A delicious traditional roast with all the trimmings.
We were home early evening and crashed after a relaxed (hot!!) day with family.


We enjoyed the days between Christmas and New Year with Andrew home.
We went to see ‘Sing’ at the movies on Boxing Day night – SUCH a sweet movie. Pop it on your list these holidays if you have young children.

We’ve been keeping a pretty low profile. The kids are enjoying being home and tinkering with their new gifts.
I am slowly working from room to room, having a big clean out.

Today we took the tree down. Slowly but surely getting this place back into order.


We have a few day trips planned and catch-ups with friends, but besides that – we’re just going to take the time to chill and enjoy these next few slow weeks before we’re thrown into term one.

I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions. I never seem to keep them anyway.
Each year I tell myself:
“This will be my year to get super fit, to travel more, to cook my way through Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals, to quit sugar, quit wine….”

But not this year.
Instead I have given myself two words for 2017:

more + balance

What I am promising myself is that I will enjoy life a little more, and have more fun with the kids.
Take a few more risks. Be a little crazy. Have more faith.
Be more present with my family and aim to find the perfect balance in all factors of our life.
I will put my phone down a little more often and try to be the very best me, that I can be.
(No pressure!)


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season with those you love the most.

Thank you for your wonderful support during 2016 and stay tuned for what 2017 will bring…

Big love,

-C x


One thought on “Hello 2017!

  1. Deahne Brigden

    So good Claire, love the pics/post…special Christmas (& I have to agree 100% trying not to put too much pressure on myself re NY resos too 👍🏻 Every year I set myself up for failure) 😂😂😅🙄 happy 2017!! ✨x


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