Vegetarian Mexican Bowls

5th March, 2019

We LOVE Mexican food. The flavours. The freshness.
In the past, we would make the meaty version (you can find thatย here)…but since deciding to cut meat out of our diets, I’ve tweaked the recipe.

These bowls are so quick and easy. Perfect for a busy week night. I sometimes make the rice during the day and then in the evening all I have to do is prep the veggies and salad.

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14,000kms in 7 weeks – USA Roadtrip

20th February, 2019

I’ve said it a million times – America was never on our must see list of places to visit when we left Australia for our 12 month adventure around the world.
We definitely wanted to see Canada – but we’d sort of dismissed the USA, deciding to save it for another time.
BUT, when we ended up visiting Hawaii for a secret mission (you can read all about it here…) we decided to make the most of it and we ended up hiring a car in Seattle and driving over 14,000kms from the west to east, dropping our car off at our final stop – New York.
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