Puff Pastry Scrolls

16th March, 2019

Tell me one person who doesn’t like Puff Pastry?

We’ve been making these for years. When you’re out of bread, but have some pastry in the freezer – these are a great little snack. Perfect for lunch boxes, and can also be made ahead of time and frozen.

You will need:
1 x pack of Puff Pastry
Tomato paste
2 cups grated cheese
Sliced olives, whichever are your favourite (we used Kalamata)
Baby spinach, chopped
1 small red onion, chopped finely

– Line 2 or 3 baking trays.
– Lay pastry sheets on to bench.

Vegemite Scrolls:
– Spread Vegemite onto 3 sheets, sprinkle with cheese, and tightly roll up.

Savoury Scrolls:
– Spread tomato paste onto 3 sheets, sprinkle with red onion, spinach, olives and cheese.

Cut each log into 8 pieces and bake at 200ºC for 10-15 minutes, depending on your oven.

Makes 48 scrolls.

Super simple – a great one for the kids to try.
Add whatever you like – ham, salami, herbs, fresh tomatoes, pineapple.

Try a sweet version – Nutella and banana, canned apple and cinnamon. The options are endless!!

Enjoy x






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