Not a girl, not yet a woman…

26th March, 2019

Britney said it best, “..not a girl, not yet a woman…”

My baby girl headed off to Year 7 camp this week and for the fist time since she was in Grade 3, she didn’t want me to walk her in, help her with her gear and wait with her for the bus. I won’t lie – I was a little heartbroken. I respected her wishes, dropping her out the front of school, squeezing her so tight and staying a little while to watch as she headed in with her bags. Off she went. So happy. So independent, and full to the brim with nervous excitement!

There comes a time as Mothers when we have to take a step back. I knew this day would come, I just didn’t know it’d be here so dang fast!

The entire Year 7 level has gone off to an epic camp in the Yarra Valley. Flying fox, canoeing, frisbee golf, ropes course, archery, water slide – you name it!

It can be tricky to pack for a getaway here in Victoria, especially at this time of year. You just never quite know what is going to happen with the weather.
Lil’s had her bags out for a week, and has been discussing fashion options with her friends for days on end.

I know she will be having a great time. I still fondly my own Year 7 camp. I’ve a bunch of old photos lying around somewhere. Perhaps I should find them and show her.

I feel we have well and truly entered that next phase of childhood. Of parenting. Becoming her own person. Finding her feet and perhaps doesn’t need Mum quite as much as she once did. I am certain she’ll be fine – but this old Mama may just take a little while to get used to it.

Don’t mind me while I drown my tears in my cup of tea.
1 day down, 2 to go. Not that I’m counting or anything….

Big love,




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