2 Days at Disneyland California

30th September, 2018

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them…”  – Walt Disney

There have been quite a few surprises for the kids over this travel journey of ours, but surprising them with 2 days at Disneyland definitely takes the cake!
Their little faces when they realised what was happening was absolutely priceless!!

Disneyland is set up over 2 parks – Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, and they’re both quite different.

Our first day, we decided to head into the original Disneyland, now known as Disneyland Park. It is the very first of its kind to open, back in 1955. This is your typical Disney experience – Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Princesses and castles, It’s a small world and the rest. For Andrew and I, it was like stepping back 30 years. It was quite overwhelming at the start of the day – the park is HUGE and even with a map, I was getting dizzy!
It took us a couple of hours to get our bearings and work out where everything was.
We queued for cheesy photos and rode alllllll the rides. We ate Mickey pretzels and ice creams. We bought souvenirs, and we stayed until the park closed, enjoying the nightly festivities – the incredible parade and light show.
An exhausting, yet truly wonderful day!

Day 2, we headed into the Disney California Adventure Park. Think all things Pixar – Cars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Bugs Life, Little Mermaid, Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy and more!
We loved the traditional Disney, but this was a little more our speed, and it was SO well done. This park felt a little smaller and less busy and by the second day – we were experts!
We felt a little less frantic and really tried to absorb the whole Disney experience.
We were more organised for the night show too – getting in early for a perfect spot in the front row. So magic!

It was a HUGE 2 days – but we all had such a great time. We walked so many kilometres around those parks and left as the gates were closing each night.

I must admit – after the first day, I didn’t really understand what all the hype was about. It was crazy, exhausting and a little cheesy. However, I will happily say – walking out the gates the second night, after another incredibly jam packed day. Legs aching, heads throbbing – I got it. I understood the magic. The fascination. The happiness.
So grateful that we had 2 days to lap it all up and really make the most of our very first Disney experience.
After all – it is the happiest place on earth….!



There are different ticket options, depending on how many days you’re visiting.
1 Day Pass
Children 3-9: $110USD
Children 10 and over & Adults: $117USD

If you buy a 2 or 3, or even a 4 or 5 Day Pass – the tickets get cheaper per day.
For example –
2 Day Pass –
Children 3-9: $198USD ($99 per day)
Children 10 and over, and Adults: $210USD ($105 per day)
3 Day Pass – 
Children 3-9: $264USD ($88 per day)
Children 10 and over, and Adults: $280USD ($93 per day)

You can upgrade your ticket which allows you to enter both parks on the same day – going between the two as many times as you like. This is probably worthwhile if you only have one day. Spend half the day in Disneyland and half at Disney California Adventure Park.
The price for the Park Hopper is additional $50 per ticket, per day (on top of ticket price),

Every single person who purchases a ticket to either park is entitled to FASTPASS.
FASTPASS is a free service which allows you to save your place in the line if the queue is really long. It means you can save your place, go and enjoy other rides and festivities and then go back at your designated time, with minimal wait.
If used correctly, it is a clever way to make sure you get onto your favourite rides, and make the most of your experience, rather than spending the day waiting in lines…

However, you are only allowed to have one FASTPASS in place at a time.
For example – if it is 12noon, and you book a FASTPASS for the Cars ride and you’re given a time of 2:30pm, you have 2 and a half hours before you can go back to Cars for your turn – BUT in that 2 and a half hours, you will have to line up at any other ride and wait in line like everyone else – you can’t use FASTPASS, as you already have one in action over at Cars…does that make sense?? So pick wisely.
Also – get cracking on your FASTPASS early in the day or they’ll book out. By the time we got to Cars, they had closed off the FASTPASS, so we had to wait almost 3 hours in line. Thankfully it was worth it!!!

MaxPass is like FASTPASS on steroids. It is not free though – it is $10 per ticket, per day.
You download the Disney App and you’re able to book in all your FASTPASS rides for the day – so you have it all scheduled, AND with the MaxPass – you don’t need to physically go to the ride to book the FASTPASS like you would if you didn’t have the MaxPass – which saves your time and little legs from walking everywhere twice!
Just simply book the time slots and then rock up at the ride when your time is up!
You also get the Disney PhotoPass included in this price ($10 to purchase on its own). The PhotoPass is for the photos you have taken with the Disney staff around the park – the typical posed Disney pics with the Disney characters and family shots etc, as well as the shots the cameras snap of you when on a ride (you know those super flattering shots with your ugliest scared face and hair all over the place…?)
You receive a card and the photos appear on your phone in the Disney App immediately for you to download, save and use as you please. It really pretty fabulous, and super user friendly.

DO IT!!! It is brilliant. SO much information. Wait times for the rides, maps of the parks including all the bathrooms, eateries and shops.
FASTPASS and MaxPass information, as well as your PhotoPass gallery.

Sorry if I have confused you with all the Disney talk. It took me a while to get my head around it all too!
Trust me – google your little heart out. Watch YouTube videos. Read Disney forums and all the info on their sites.
The more prepared you are – the better the experience you will have.

Thankyou Disneyland for an incredibly memorable 2 days.

We stayed at the The Hotel Fullerton
It was perfect for our family of 4. Nice big room, incredible buffet breakfast and a shuttle bus service to and from Disney.

2 thoughts on “2 Days at Disneyland California

  1. Gail Joordens

    Glad you got to go to Disneyland. I agree California Adventure is the better park but the original is so iconic and well worth seeing.
    Max pass is new since we were there and I would definitely take that option if we get back there.

    Liked by 1 person

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