San Francisco: Father’s Day, Ball Games & Mrs Doubtfire…

23rd September, 2018

Like any other girl growing up in the 80’s watching the Tanner gang on Full House – I have wanted to visit San Francisco for SO long!! The incredible pastel painted homes, the cable cars and the rest. It was all I had hope for, and more…

We arrived the night before the USA was celebrating Father’s Day. The kids and I had managed some sneaky shopping in Las Vegas and had a fun day planned for Andrew.

A jam packed itinerary, starting with brunch at Eight AM, before wandering on down to Fishermans Wharf – THE place to be on the weekend. Absolutely bustling and jam packed full of fun!
Stopping along the way to browse the little shops, listening to the buskers and watching the incredible street performers.
We wandered the Cartoon Art Museum on Beach Street, watched the famous sourdough making at Boudin Bakery, visited the noisy Sea Lions at Pier 39 and rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous at Madame Tussauds (Oh Robin…).

Late afternoon we headed up to the “Full House Hill” to visit the stunning Painted Ladies on Broderick Street. The kids enjoyed the epic play park, whilst Andrew and I sat there and watched the sun dip over the city. It was just gorgeous…and the Painted Ladies – they’re even more beautiful in person.

We finished off our day with Andrew’s choice – Italian, at Taste of Rome in Sausalito – What a brilliant find. What a brilliant day!

The next day, of course, we HAD to visit the Mrs Doubtfire house on Steiner Street. This actually caught me off guard a little. There were beautiful momentos and tributes to the late Robin Williams over the footpath and in a little garden out the front. The house was absolutely stunning – as are so many of the properties in San Fran.

Each night we visited Battery Spencer – the VERY best viewpoint for the Golden Gate Bridge. One evening it was hazy and grey, the next was clear and gorgeous.
We also visited in the afternoon. A gorgeous spot and the most incredible view. I could have sat for hours watching the world go by, but it was just too darn cold and windy up there.

A last minute thought led us to a baseball game on our last night. San Fran Giants and the Miami Marlins. We bought tickets on-line for next to nothing.
The game was so much fun, we absolutely loved it. The AT&T Park is just stunning – perched on the edge of the bay with the city behind it – what a view.
The buzz in the stadium as the crowd roared and chanted – it was brilliant and a definite recommendation if visiting the US.

We may have only stayed a handful of days – but boy did we pack a lot in!
San Fran did not disappoint. Some great memories made.

Now…..I know you want to….soooo, all together now:

“Whatever happened to predicatability…
The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV?
How did I get to living here?
Somebody tell me please
This old world’s confusing me……

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There’s a heart, a hand to hold onto.
Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There’s a place, of somebody who needs you
Everywhere you look…”

(If you don’t know the song…you weren’t lucky enough to be born in the 80’s – sorry…)

Next stop DISNEYLAND!!!!!

Big love,

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