The Fair Dinkum Texan Experience!!

1st October, 2018

Sometimes people come into your life and you just click straight away. Nothing is forced or difficult. It just flows. Easy.
This is the case with our good friends, the Boots Abroad.

We met in Cambodia in December, then rendezvoused again in Bali in April…(you can read about that here…), so naturally when we were road tripping through the USA and the timing worked out perfectly with them arriving back from their own overseas adventures – we just HAD to make the extra effort to see them once again.
The “Boots” as we lovingly call them, were staying at the family ranch in a small town outside of Lincoln. They’d invited us to come and stay and of course we made it happen!

Our Texan adventure was so much more than we could have asked for. We were completely and utterly spoilt by our dear friends who showed us such a great time and made us fall head over heels for their beautiful Texas.

The days were hot, but the breeze was lovely. Us adults enjoyed afternoon drinks on the porch whilst the kids had water bomb fights on the luscious green lawn in front.
We ate real deal Tex Mex for dinner. Spencer learnt to fish in the lake, catching a fish with his very first cast…(of course he tossed it back in…)
We all tried smores for the very first time. They were FABULOUS, and we were even treated to our own backyard fireworks show!

The kids absolutely loved spending the week with their friends and making so many memories. They all get along so well – it really is so very special to watch.

We feel so blessed to have these amazing humans in our lives. It was so hard to say goodbye.
We have promised that this won’t be the last time and I sure hope not. These kind of connections are rare and treasured.

‘Til next time Boots…

Big love

Huge thanks to Hugh and Leanne for welcoming a family of four from Down Under into your beautiful home with open arms. It meant so much to us, and we look forward to next time! x


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