Oh the places you’ll go. A letter to the kids.

30th October, 2017

What an amazing adventure you have ahead of you.

So many dream of this, but you’re about to make it a reality.

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to see the world. To explore and to experience great wonder.
The world is a magical place with so much greatness and beauty.
Our wish for you: Take it all in. Soak it all up.
Make new friends. Be brave and talk to people you’ve never met. Ask questions. Get to know different cultures and enjoy new cuisines.

Don’t worry about a thing. Let Mum and Dad do that, if necessary. Just enjoy being a kid on an adventure.
Be calm. Be kind. Be understanding.
Be respectful to everyone you will meet, as everyone is so different.

Understand that not everyone is as fortunate as you are, and know that you will see sadness, but also so much joy and happiness.

Some days will be hard and long. You will be tired. Just try to remember that you are on the trip of a lifetime.
We hope that this year together tightens the bond we already have within our special little ‘Team Barnes’.
We hope that you grow and appreciate each other a little more, and that the year ahead starts a fire in your heart and soul to want to adventure. To travel far and wide, and to realise that we truly do only live once and that life is for living.

We couldn’t think of better travel companions and we are so excited to be taking this journey with you both.
Love you more.

Mum & Dad


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