We did it, and now the adventure begins

3rd November, 2017

Well, we made it!

The 5 days leading up to our departure were completely manic. There were moments when I felt physically ill, not sure that we would achieve all we needed before we left, but we got there.
Our home of almost 6 years has been successfully handed over to the new owners. We packed our worldly possessions into storage. Filled 4 skips with rubbish, donated 2 vans of unwanted stuff to Lifeline and packed our lives into 4 packs. We actually did it!!

I’ve had a chance to reflect a little over the past couple of days. We fully understand the enormity of this. Selling the family home and taking the kids out of mainstream school to take on the world for a year. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but something we have always dreamt of doing, and time is of the essence. It will take a little adjusting, getting used to a slower, more flexible routine, but we will get there.

I have also learnt that stuff doesn’t matter to me as much as it once did. I found it easy to part with things that I once loved, knowing they were going on to another home to be loved. I thought we’d be a little sad leaving the house. Our second build on over an acre of land, lovingly landscaped with our own bare hands. Decks built by Andrew and my Dad. Lots of memories. But we walked through the house for the last time, knowing full well that it was final, and were okay.
One door closes, another opens. On to the next chapter.

Perhaps it’s not where we are, it’s who we are with. Some of our favourite memories come from the simplest of occasions. Simple is good.

I have no doubt we will come back and do it all again. But right now we are here. We are calm, and we are happy.

Team Barnes.

Vietnam post coming soon.

Big love,


7 thoughts on “We did it, and now the adventure begins

  1. Elise Jeffery

    well done tribe.
    we packed up our family and moved to Tasmania 4 weeks ago. something we’d always thought of doing, and we did it. sometimes we still can’t believe we did. it’s my cup of tea, life needs adventure, enjoy !

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  2. linzdays

    So stoked you’re off and away – eat alllllll the pho! Try and steal a recipe for a master stock and tuck it away for when you get home! Then I’ll steal it from you 😜 enjoy – love following on! x

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  3. Anna

    My husband and I did the same thing (sort of!) Got married, then 3 days later, flew off to the UK to spend a year on a working holiday! People say we’re crazy (as in why are we spending our money on travelling instead of a mortgage) but trips like this are once in a lifetime! Can’t wait to keep up with your adventures!

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  4. wineandfrocks

    Great post! My husband and I are in a similar boat – we got married, then 3 days later, flew to the UK for a year long honeymoon! People say we’re crazy (as in why aren’t we doing the mortgage/2.5 kids thing) but trips like this are once in a lifetime! But it’s also so inspiring to see you travel with your family. Can’t wait to keep up with your adventures!

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    1. herlifeandloves

      I love this! My husband and I were going to do the same after we got married. We’d planned to announce at our wedding that we were moving to the UK. Instead, we decided to build a house and have some babies. Now we’re doing to gap year with them in tow!! You only live once! Thanks so much x


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