35 times around the sun

1st October, 2017

Friday wasn’t just a public holiday here in Victoria, it was also my 35th Birthday.

Tulips have always and forever been my very favourite, so when I read about the Tesselaar Tulip Festival I knew exactly how I wanted to spend my special day.
We were up early and headed off on our road trip. It was just under 2 hours drive from where we live, but an easy drive. And so beautiful.

We arrived around 11:30am. Parked the car and headed up to join the lonnnng queue.
We had been only waiting in the line for 3 minutes when a lady walked up to us and handed us a Family Pass. I almost burst into tears! We skipped the queue and walked straight in. (Talk about filling our bucket!!!)
First impressions  – it was everything I’d imagined, and more….!!
My brother, sister and dear old Dad came along for the day also. It was so nice to all be together and share my day.

The blooms were vibrant and beautiful and sprawled for miles and miles.
Friday was also the first day of the 3 day Food, Wine & Jazz weekend at the Festival, so it was packed and the air was buzzing! Cool Jazz tunes played as we nibbled on different cuisines. I had Vegan Indian – equal parts interesting and delicious. The others had Wood Fired Pizzas and German Kransky.
We enjoyed a little wine tasting and stepped back into the 90’s when we bought Wonkas Gobstoppers and Snap and Crackle bars at the Lolly Shoppe.
A brilliant day!

Another year older…somewhat wiser…and a heck of a lot more content.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

Big love,
C x

We made a little video – take a look if you like:
Her Travelling Tribe YouTube

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