6 weeks, 3 days, 2 hours and 30 minutes…

18th September, 2017

Not that I am counting….
This past week has been a hectic one! Last Sunday was the Breaky for Boobies online Auction.
Breaky for Boobies is an annual Fundraiser I run with my girlfriend Emily. It was born in 2016, after we put our heads together and wanted to do our bit to make a difference and help to improve the futures of our daughters and beyond.
Last year we registered for a Pink Ribbon event with the NBCF and we pledged to raise $1,000 from our efforts.
After running an online Auction through Instagram and also a ticketed breakfast last October, we deposited over $21,500 into the NBCF’s bank account after an 8 week campaign.
This year we gave ourselves a little more time – beginning the campaign in June, and as a result saw last Sundays online Auction raise over $17,000! (and we still have the ticketed Breaky in a few weeks yet to come…)
A mammoth effort from all who contributed with donations and also those who dug deep on the night and won items.
Last week I sent parcels all over the country. From Tasmania to Western Australia. I’ve had people I have never met come to my home to collect their goodies, and had many wonderful conversations with some pretty great humans who are now special members of our Boobie Bunch.

Between Boobies and sick kids (again!!), as well as work and normal life – the week flew by!

As I sit here now, I have just counted that we have 45 days until our Adventure kicks off!!!!
Sheesh!! We fly into Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) on the 2nd November and will stay for a few days, before heading to Nha Trang and then onto Hoi An or Hanoi. The rest we will work out from there.

I took a car load to the local Sunday market yesterday. Arriving just before 7am as the sun was rising, it was beautiful. What a hoot a Sunday trash and treasure market is!! The weekly market goers jump on fresh meat, I couldn’t unpack my car fast enough. They were rummaging through each box as if their lives depended on it! My bestie Kat came down to help me out and keep me company for the morning. We were home by about 1pm. Another job off the list, and less ‘stuff’ to pack away for a year!
Packing up the car on Saturday night – I was both shocked and amazed at how much stuff we have that we don’t actually need!
My car was full to the brim with household items. Kitchenware, homewares, books, baskets, a few toys. Now all off to new homes, and a few extra dollars into the travel kitty!

The kids finish Term 3 this Friday. Bring on the slow mornings and some little hands to help me pack!!

Have a great week.

Big love,
– Cx



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