99 Days until Christmas….!

17th September, 2017

Can you believe it is 99 days until Christmas?!
Madness – but so exciting!
As kids around the world start to make wish lists a mile long, I am reminded of this post I wrote last Christmas about Wants vs Needs.
The ‘Four Gift Rule” is the super simple rule we implemented in our home before Christmas a couple of years ago and it now sets the tone for each birthday and other celebrations throughout the year.
Four gifts only, in these four categories: Want. Need. Wear. Read.

For example:
The one item at the top of their wish list.
The cream of the crop, latest craze.

New thongs, new electric toothbrush, new sun hat…

New clothes for Summer, new bathers. Christmas Day outfit

Allllll the books!

It is so easy to get caught up in the sales at this time of year. Stashing away gifts over the next few months, only to go completely overboard.
The “Four Gift Rule” helps to keep things a little more orderly, and most importantly the children get what they really want. Quality over quantity has always been important to me when gift giving, not just at Christmas time.

It’s something to think about and may just save you a bit of stress this Christmas.

Big love,


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