Counting Down…

9th September, 2017

September already! I know we always say it, but this year has absolutely flown by!
We now have less than 8 weeks until we head off! (Insert: MEGA FREAK OUT!)

The kids finish the school term in a few weeks and we have a busy fortnight of school break planned with packing and house guests, which I am sure will make time pass even quicker.

Our packs arrived last week. After hours of research, we decided on the Osprey Farpoint in the 70lt for Andrew and I, and the 40lt for each of the kids.
We also bought a bunch of Globite packing cubes. Makes packing so much easier and way more organised!
One year. One pack and one backpack each…(you can do this Clare…)

We have begun the lonnnng process of travel vaccines, and will be looking like pin cushions in no time. The kids weren’t too impressed with me after their first lot of needles. Thankfully the caramel milkshake afterwards helped.

The house is slowly, but surely being packed up. We have plastic tubs and vacuum bags coming out our ears.
I keep telling myself that as long as we tick off a few things each week, we are on track.

I want to make a point of really starting to document everything so we can look back over it in the future.
This is where I’ll be doing that. In the lead up to the trip, during the trip and afterwards.
After all, this will be like our virtual diary.

Lil and Spence are getting so excited and keep adding places to their lists each week.

Andrew is beginning to get everything lined up at work. A couple of busy months ahead of him, and then he can enjoy a very well deserved break. 17 years working for the same company definitely has its perks and he deserves this trip more than any of us.

I am booked up with my clients until the start of October, and then I am giving myself a few weeks to get sorted before we head off.
It’s getting so, so real now!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Big love,
C x

Feature image, once again by my friend Clare at Victor Fox x

2 thoughts on “Counting Down…

  1. Shell

    What an exciting time, it will fly and you will be off on your adventure in no time 🙂
    So excited for you and thanks for the smile I got reading this, your excitement exudes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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