Anxiety Who?

18th July, 2017

I’ve always been a deep thinker. One who stews over things a little too much.

I am getting better with age, but it’s definitely still there.
Something I am aware of. Something that maybe, I just can’t change.

My Mum was pretty in tune with me as a youngster.
She would take me to her weekly group Yoga class each Thursday night.
It was at the local hall (there were no fancy Yoga studios around in 1992…) at 6pm, and the class went for an hour.
I remember coming home after class, showering and always sleeping well on Thursday nights.

Mum knew me well. Knew that I would benefit from the relaxation and calmness of Yoga. I was a little anxious as a child. Nothing extreme, but Mr. Anxiety was definitely a resident in my adolescent, pre-pubescent mind and body.

One afternoon, after school Mum had a gift for me. She had bought me some magical little dolls – Guatemalan Worry Dolls.

Traditionally, they were given to “brooding and sorrowful children”. They would tell the dolls their worries and fears, and hide them under their pillow during the night. The next morning they would wake, worry free. All sorrows taken by the special little dolls.

I still have a lot of my treasures from my childhood and have tried to find my worry dolls, but no such luck.
I was stoked to find these sweet little dolls in a local store a while back, so I bought Lil and Spence a bag of their own 5 little dolls to keep and use as they feel.
I explained to them that the dolls have ‘special powers’ and that they’ll take their troubles away. It’s super cute when I make their beds each morning, and there is a doll or two under the pillow.

I did ask Lily recently what she is worried about and all she said was: “I don’t want to wake up grumpy Mum, so I ask them to help me sleep well…”
Spencer’s reply to same question: “I just want to kick a few goals in footy on the weekend…”
I am so glad that for now their worries are small.

Are you or your little ones worriers or suffer from anxiety?
How do you approach it? I’d love to hear from you.

Big love,



6 thoughts on “Anxiety Who?

  1. Alycia

    Love this Clare. I all of a sudden experienced the worst anxiety last October – January this year and it was like an out of body experience. All of a sudden things that had never bothered me did and I was fearful of unknowns. I still don’t know what triggered it and although the symptoms have subsided it is something I am always mindful of now. There is a good app called the Smiling Mind which I have found is good when I feel overwhelmed. The brain certainly is a strange thing. x

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  2. Lisa Bowman

    My daughter 28 struggles with anxiety…. from something as simple as a jumper not looking right to a doona cover not fitting properly… these are just the small ones…. very interested to read your blogs

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