What you want, Baby I got it….

1st May, 2017

Aretha knew what she was talking about….
What you want?

This parenting caper is mighty hard work sometimes.
Teaching them and guiding them each day, so that they’ll grow up to be the best young adults they can be.
Teaching them how to respect and accept all people. All human kind. Every race, all demographics, from all walks of life.
Those with careers they’ve studied years for, those who work a trade, those who nurse the sick, who work in an office, those who are at home full-time rearing children. So many different paths of life. All equally as valuable, all deserving of the same amount of respect and acceptance.

It’s hard to know exactly HOW to instil these traits into the younger generation – but, like most lessons we learn as children, I believe it comes from setting an example. It comes from the top. From parents and the elders our kids have around them. Children are like sponges. They take it all in, soak it all up.

Each age brings different challenges also.
I had a friend say to me about a year ago: “Little people, little problems. Big people, big problems”. So true.
When the kids were little, it was: Are they getting enough veggies? Are they pooping enough? Are they sleeping too much, too little?
Now, they’re growing and the problems are different: Are they doing well enough at school? Are they behaving and being kind? Have they chosen a good group of friends? Are they easily influenced?

I was a somewhat cheeky teen and struggled with authority both at home and at school. When I was 16 I was taken under the wing of a few adults who I respected immensely and who showed me a level of respect in return. This was a huge turning point for me. Mutual respect is powerful stuff.

I guess at the end of the day, we are all trying our darndest, in our own way.

I’d love to hear of some of the handy parenting tools or tips you use at your place. Let’s start a conversation, encourage one another and help a Mama out!

Sock it to me! (Oh Miss Franklin….)

Big love,

-C x

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