Master bedroom reveal

18th April, 2017

Easter long weekend is always a great time to get a project or two done around the house.

I’ve been crushing over navy for a while now and decided to take the punt and give our bedroom a facelift.
I teamed up with Taubmans and decided on Black Granite, a rich navy with slight grey undertones – but definitely a blue, which is the look I was after.

I still adore the bedhead I DIY’d a few years ago, so that was staying. Some fresh linen, new greenery and my favourite Lumiere art piece and she was all done.
This took 3 decent coats and Good Friday was the perfect day for it. We had the Royal Children’s Hospital appeal playing on the television, snacked on chocolate between coats and by evening it was all dry and ready to put the room back together.

You can transform a space entirely with fresh paint, even if it is just the one wall.
Here are a few quick tips from Taubmans to help you with your next masterpiece.


9 thoughts on “Master bedroom reveal

  1. Kat

    Looks fantastic! I love navy and all the colours you’ve chosen go with it beautifully. We’ve just bought a house and plan on painting it. I’m a little scared of the “cutting in part”. Looks like you two have mastered it:)

    Liked by 1 person

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