Life lately

16th May, 2017

I am here. Apologies for my absence. I have received a few emails and messages checking in on me, thank you. All is well, life has just been a little busier than usual around here of late and unfortunately HL+L has been losing the priority race.
BUT – I am back.

We’ve had an eventful couple of weeks.
Lil headed off to Sovereign Hill for Grade 5 camp a fortnight ago and had a fabulous time.
Spencer is away on his Grade 3 camp this week. His first school camp and he was so excited. Awake at the crack of dawn, dressed and rearing to go Monday morning.
Last Friday, my sister from another mister, my best friend Kat and I headed to a Mother’s Day luncheon fundraiser at Mt Duneed Estate.  Such a wonderful event to be apart of, with over $65,000 raised for the Geelong Mums organisation. A mammoth effort! (You can read more about Geelong Mums here.)

On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day. I was woken with hugs and kisses from my two. Handmade cards and gifts from the schools Mother’s Day stall, along with my favourite perfume and some liquorice, they know me well!
We had Andrew’s Mum for brunch at our house in the morning and then the afternoon spent with my little tribe.
Mother’s Day is always a little bitter-sweet for us motherless Mothers. I think of my own dear Mum every day, but special occasions are always a little tough. I was feeling very emotional on Sunday, it seemed as though my hormones were supercharged, but after a little cry, I was right as rain.

I hope everyone is well in your world. It’s getting a little cooler here in country Victoria.
Keep warm.

Big love,
C xx

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