Which team are you on?

21st March, 2017

Lately I’ve been trying new things, and I’m hooked!

I have always been a strong member of Team Pants. So easy and comfortable. Pull them on, slap on a tee or a shirt and you’re done!
But recently my eyes have opened up to a whole new frocktabulous world.
I am finding myself thinking outside of the fashion box a little more. Donning a cute dress for a midweek girls lunch rather than jeans. Frocking up on the weekends to birthday parties and dinners with the family.
I am slowly, but surely becoming a convert.

I wear so much black during the week for my day job. Black and I have had a sordid love affair since 1998.
I can’t and shan’t break free.
In saying that, I also do really love lots of colour and pattern.
Here are a few of my favourites, currently hanging in my wardrobe, on frequent rotation.

Feather + Noise: Monte Carlo Emillie Dress
Give me anything with a frill and I’m a happy girl – I adore this style. I like to team it with my F+N coated Coco Jeans for a long tunic look.
(Regular sizing, a little snug on the arms. I’m wearing the 10)

Feather + Noise: Juliet Floral Dress
I wore this to a family function on the weekend. Super girly, but still a little edgy. I love the off the shoulder style. The fabric is soft and flowy. High splits on both sides, so take a little caution when sitting down…(HELLO!)
(Regular sizing. I’m wearing the S/M 8/10)


Feather and Noise: Charity Skirt Burgundy
My first ever Maxi skirt. This one really caught my eye. Dipped hemline and side splits for some cheeky leg action. The waist is elasticised at the back, so no zips to battle with.
(Best to go a little smaller than your usual size with this style. I’m wearing the 8)

Little Party Dress: Rodeo Drive Navy Print
I recently wore this little gem to a family wedding. So comfortable and easy to wear. A very sweet design with a front panel and two side panels which tie at the front to create the waistline.
(Regular sizing, I am wearing the 10)


Little Party Dress: Midsummer Blue Floral Dress
I seriously adore this wrap dress. I’ve never really been one for this style, but I bought this one on a whim for a music festival and felt a million bucks in it. Super light weight cotton blend. The colours are gorgeous and it washes up beautifully. I also wear mine open as a kimono with shorts or jeans and a singlet which I also love! Check out that look here.
(The sizing for this one is quite generous. I’m wearing the small with a safety pin at the bust)


Frankie and Co: Chloe Navy Tee Dress
The perfect T-Shirt dress for running around with the kids. Pop on some sneakers and you’re Soccer Mum ready!! Alternatively, wear it with some ripped jeans, tucked in at the front for an oversized tee look.
(Regular sizing. I’m wearing the small)


Sometimes I still love to mix a touch of grunge spunk with a girly frock or skirt, so I will pair a floral maxi with a leather jacket and Converse sneakers.
I’ll wear my black lace up gladiator sandals with a full length dress and lots of arm candy! Ankle boots with a dress- be it long or short, is also one of my favourite looks. So comfortable and effortless.

The Winter fashion is filling the shops and here are a few that have grabbed my attention. Something for everyone’s budget. Fashion doesn’t always have to be super expensive. You can wear an inexpensive frock with a great pair boots or heals and still feel amazing!
And, as you’ll see, black features heavily on this lust list…(you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks!)

1. Gorman $199
2. Bohemian Traders $159
3. Feather + Noise $79
4. SheIn $33
5. Boohoo $31

By no means am I a fashion blogger, but indeed I do love fashion. I am definitely not a super slim size 6 model, however about 12 months ago I began to see myself a little differently. I began to like what I saw in the mirror and love myself.
Not in an “I am totally up myself, loving myself sick” kind of way – more of an “I am happy in my skin” kind of way.
I have come to realise (with age…) that beauty is way more than skin deep. I am just little old Clare, sharing a few of my favourites things.
Lily is my photographer. She is the perfect height. All photos she takes with my iPhone which has a severely cracked screen (another thing to add to my very long to-do list!)
If you’ve enjoyed my post, please leave a little comment below. I love to hear from you.
Also, if you have a favourite store (online, or bricks and mortar) that you think I would like to check out, please share that too.

So far this week it has been super wet here in country Victoria. I’ve had two little people at home the past two days feeling under the weather. Maybe it’s the change of season, maybe its just those end of term feels.
Either way – I’m grateful for the cuddles.

Have a wonderful week.

Big love

13 thoughts on “Which team are you on?

  1. Emma

    Omg! I have become a “dress” person too. I love that i can feel comfortable, don’t have to suck in with the flowy ones and off the shoulder is defs fab. I love your list of things that have caught your eye and love even mkre that my fave in that bunch is only $33!
    I haven’t got to the point of feeling comfortable in my skin but i am working on that

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jill Matthews

    Yep totally agree Clare, you don’t have to spend a fortune to be well dressed, most of my clothes come from the op shop and I would’ve been buying things there years ago if I had of known how good the clothes are!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nadine Cameron

    Love so many stores, but sadly my budget cannot handle my faves unless they’re heavily discounted (e.G Paddo to Palmy, Spell, Bassike, Elk, Funkis, Nancybird, CR, Seed, etc). Next Direct, F&N as well as Iconic are super affordable. Particularly loving Next Direct atm. Have been buying kids jeans, knits and trackpants from Next Direct for over 6 yrs, but forget about it as an option for me. My goodness, they have some super cute cardigans and dresses atm.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Leesa

    Glad you had this topic up, as I’ve been looking for a dress online for a wedding in Hawaii very soon. I was told about St Frock, love their dresses, I have ordered some and find the styles suit me (being short) and the sizing is spot on! I haven’t had to return anything yet which is good. Thanks for mentioning other sites I will be checking them out for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kat

    Great post Clare! It’s fun to try things that are a little different. I’ve been trying to wear more colour and it’s been really fun and challenging at the same time! X

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  6. Shauna

    Hey Claire – have you bought anything from Shein? My girlfriend warned me against it as she says they are a knock off site. But i love their stuff and lust after many of their tops which you cant seem to get anywhere else.

    PS – i too am trying the self love route – with having an almost 12 year old girl in my house i need to show here a good example. She is really starting to get self conscious. Its about a healthy lifestyle and attitude rather than wanting to look like a swimsuit model for me – the 40s are tough for women.

    PPS love your style

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    1. herlifeandloves

      Hey Shauna. I have purchased through Shein. They’re a little hit and miss. You just have to read all the reviews as they seem fairly accurate in my experience. Sizing can be a little off also. I measured up myself and picked my size and its ended up in Lily’s cupboard! Alternatively I have purchased a Small and it was HUGE!
      Definitely need to set a good example for our daughters don’t we? A hard job at times – but so important.
      Thanks for your support.
      Big love x


  7. Renee custance

    Oh I just love reading your insty blogs Clare! This one is one of my faves😁 i too have JUST started wearing day dresses and maxi skirts after having bub 12months ago, I have always had the same dress sense since I was a teen, a pair of short denim shorts and a dressy top.(I’m from the Sunshine Coast qld so hardly wear jeans) It’s so nice to actually feel a little more girly during the day. I bought the mustard Charity skirt from F&N and I am yet to wear it, but so very much looking forward to it. I hope I can pull it off as well as you did in your red version 🙏🏼❤️ Thanks for the inspo lovely xxx


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