I choose joy

16th March, 2017

I have made mention of my friend Kate a few times in the past and shared our story.
I truly believe our paths crossed for a reason, at the very moment we both needed them to.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Life Intended Australia business summit in Melbourne which was held at the RACV Club on Bourke street – what a fantastic venue.
Danelle Delgado is a powerhouse in her field. An international business strategist, elite mentor, and master entrepreneur.
I am calling her a real life super woman!
She spoke of her life and how she has overcome serious illness, marriage and family breakdowns and hitting rock bottom, before launching Life Intended a few years back.
Danelle was in Australia for less than a week. She had teamed up with Kate and another superhuman Amanda to run the summit for two jam-packed days over the weekend.
I was only able to make the Saturday, but I have to say – I have come away with some brilliant knowledge and am feeling inspired and empowered.
Even though initially I was there to support Kate, I walked away from the summit late Saturday night weary, but so pumped and excited for the potential future of this itty bitty blog space and my vision.

The catch phrase of the weekend was: Choose Joy
Two simple words that Danelle lives her life by. No matter what comes your way – choose joy.
I have written in the past about choosing love, and I’m now adding this joyful number to my repertoire.

Life ain’t always sunshine and rainbows. Challenges come along daily. In all shapes and sizes. It is up to us to decide if we see the good or the bad. To be positive, or negative.

Thankyou Danelle for sharing your insight, expertise and your wisdom. Thankyou for taking the time to make little old me feel not so out of place in a room of amazing humans doing so much good in this world.

I’m choosing joy.
You should too.

Big love,

You can learn more about Danelle here:
Web (hit the play button, I dare you)




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