How High? Real high…

14th March, 2017

Last Wednesday we had a very special delivery.
I had told the kids that something was arriving during the day and would be waiting for them after school. They were super excited and guessing everything from a tennis court to a flying fox!

We pulled into the driveway just after 3:30pm, and they spotted it. Our very own Springfree® trampoline. After waiting ever so patiently for the installation crew to finish and test that all was perfect and ready to go –  we jumped on board.

Spencer has always loved being outdoors and being super active, however Lily would usually prefer to read a book or play with her dolls.
It has been a completely different story this past week.
She is out there just as much, if not more, than Spencer…and let’s not get started on Andrew.
King of the kids!


tgoma® is a new feature with the Springfree® trampolines.
It stands for: Take Games Outside and Make them Active.
tgoma® is the first outdoor interactive digital gaming system for trampolines.
Using Bluetooth, it connects through your iPad or tablet and you play as you bounce. It’s all about getting outside and moving, and it is pure genius!


There are 6 different shapes and sizes available as well as a variety of accessories. Something for every backyard, no matter how much space you have.

You can find out more here.

Happy jumping!

Big love,

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