Letter to our Spencer – 9 years old

February 28th, 2017

Tomorrow you will wake a 9 year old. 
I am equal parts excited and sad at the same time.
Sad that you’re growing up so fast. No longer a little boy – more a young man. But my boy, I am also excited. Excited for all of the greatness coming your way. I know this to be true.

I recall the day you were born like it was just yesterday. It was a Friday afternoon and your sister and I had spent the day at Aunty Eb’s place. I’d been having niggles all day and was sure you weren’t far away.
2008 was a leap year and the midwives were so thrilled to be delivering on February 29th and kept calling you a “Leapling”…but despite their guesses, all bets were off when you arrived into the world at 15 minutes past midnight on Saturday 1st March, 7 days before your due date.
They placed you onto my chest and I was delighted beyond belief when Daddy told me you were a little boy. All 6lb 13oz of you.
From that moment on, you’ve had me tightly wrapped around your little finger.

You are a great mix of Dad and I. A little bit crazy, but also very sensitive and sweet and oh, so clever.
You have my brown eyes and your Pop’s dimple. You have your Daddy’s sense of humour and his love of learning.
You are a Pisces. The same star sign as your late Grandma Deb, how special. You’d have adored each other.
I just love your little cheeks, so soft and dappled with tiny freckles.
You’re a stickler for routine and structure, but you also know how to have a good time. Quite the practical joker, and you love music- always singing a tune.

Boy, oh boy – you can eat! I don’t know where it all goes, but you get mighty “hangry” if you’re not fed regularly.

Currently you’re obsessed with all things basketball. Whenever you can, you’re off shooting hoops.
Last week I asked you what you wanted to be when you’re older. You said an NBA player, or a school teacher. I think you can be both.
Turtles have always been your favourite animal because: “They’re cute and green and my favourite colour is green”.
You really enjoy school and have a great group of little mates.

You’re always asking me for a little brother, and if it were that easy my boy, I would give you 10.
Most of the time – you’re a lover, not a fighter (when you’re not being an annoying little brother).
You look up to your big sister so much. She looks up to you too.

Every night when I check on you sleeping – I sit on your bed for a moment and snuggle in close. It’s my very favourite thing.

I hope you always stay as sweet as you are right now. I hope you’ll always remember to be kind and put yourself in other people’s shoes.
I hope you’ll always kiss me goodnight and never be too old for a hug from your Mum.

You’re the sweetest boy I know and I am so proud of you.

Enjoy your special day Spence. Being 9 is pretty great. I still remember it fondly myself.

Love you more.

-Mum xx


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