Butt into gear

19th February, 2017

I promised myself at the start of the year that I was going to make an effort to be more organised.
That I’d make a few small changes and in turn make our day-to-day family life, cruise along a little smoother.

The last half of 2016 was crazy busy for our little family of 4. We had so much happening both personally and professionally.
I was finding myself super UN-organised. Fossicking for clean clothes every morning in the laundry. I didn’t know what I was making for dinner from one night to the next which meant I was at the supermarket every day (pet hate).
I was behind on everything. There were simply not enough hours in the week.
Fresh year – clean slate.

Once the kids are in bed each night, all I want to do is plonk down on the couch in front of the idiot box with a cup of tea wine in hand and wait for Andrew to walk in the door. However, I have quickly realised it takes only another half an hour of work to make sure the following day gets off to a good start.

Each night I put out the kid’s school bags, lunch bags and snacks, uniforms and shoes. I also put out the breaky cereals, bowls and toaster. I find this saves us all a little time each morning. We know exactly where everything is and don’t waste 20 minutes looking for that one shoe, or their favourite pair of socks! It also helps to make the kids feel organised and saves us all from the morning angst devil.

The past couple of weekends I have made time to get in the kitchen for an hour or two and prep our meals for the week ahead as well as get some baking done for the kids lunches.
Last weekend I made a batch of Anzac biscuits and a banana bread loaf. That covered school lunch box snacks as well as afternoon tea for the week.
This afternoon I made a double batch of oat and date cookies, and a big vegetarian curry for Monday nights dinner.
I also spent some time chopping up and washing all the fruit and veggies for the week ahead. I don’t know about you – but when I’ve finished work, collected the kids from school, made afternoon tea, been to sport practise, done homework, put a load of washing on..the last thing I can be bothered doing is preparing all the dinner veggies and meat…and that’s when we’d end up having something basic – like grilled cheese, or breaky for dinner….(#badmum).
This year – I am or-gan-ised!!! (Sure, the novelty will wear off – but for now, I’m rolling with it)
I have also been chopping up all the guinea pigs fresh food for the week and have a labelled container in the fridge – this way the kids can just grab a handful when they need to feed them. (Hand me a medal already!!!)

I have a friend who is a super mum to 5 gorgeous children. I once asked her how she does it all. Working full-time. Husband runs is own business. I asked her to share her secrets with me. Organisation is the key, and team work!
It’s so true isn’t it? Team work goes a lonnnng way.

I had Lily and Spencer sit down a week ago and write out a list of their favourite dinner meals (I also put it to you guys on my Facebook page – thanks for the great suggestions)
We have worked out our 2 week rotation and have decided we will switch it up at the beginning of each new term.
They love this because they get to have a say in what they’re eating each night and I love it because it means no more daily trips to the supermarket.

It’s amazing how a few small changes can make such a big difference.
For me, when I am organised my whole mindset is so much better, and kids are happier because Mum isn’t a cranky pants.
Growing up we had a little sign in our kitchen, it read:
“When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”
How true it is!

I would love to hear your tips and tricks to making life a little smoother and more organised at your place.

Monday tomorrow already. I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend. We’ve had a cold and wet one here in Victoria.
We celebrated my Dad’s birthday with the family – 65 years young.

Have a great week.

Big love,
C x


4 thoughts on “Butt into gear

  1. Kay

    I loved this blog post, so nice to see others with the same problems. Something that helps me is making up a stack of bread rolls. I buy them fresh and add chicken, ham etc and freeze in zip lock bags. When defrosted they are so fresh and this saves so much time. I also do all washing and hang at night after kids in bed, this way I just have to fold the following day.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Kaelene Harris

        Oops just saw reply. Life sure gets busy. With the rolls salad doesn’t work so good. I stick to cold meats and cheese along with the good ol Vegemite.

        Liked by 1 person

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