You matter

21 February, 2018

Yesterday we witnessed an awful tragedy on the train tracks of Sri Lanka.
The train slammed on its brakes but we were moving too fast and the 9 carriage train was simply too heavy to stop in time.

A local man who didn’t respond to the loud and continual tooting of the trains horn.
We came to a screeching halt. Some commuters were unaware of what had happened – Andrew and I saw the whole thing. We had ushered the kids onto the opposite side of the train as soon as it happened and thankfully they were completely oblivious to all that was happening around them thanks to their iPads!!!

We later learnt that the man was mentally unwell. He had a bag with him which contained certificates from a nearby mental health hospital.
Perhaps he had escaped. Perhaps he was deemed well, and discharged. We will never know…
As we continued on our journey to Colombo, Andrew and I sat silently hand in hand. We passed farmers in their fields, young men playing barefoot cricket and children running with their beloved dogs.
So much joy around us – but I couldn’t stop thinking about that poor man, and what I had seen.
He mattered. To someone – he mattered and now he is gone. Just like that.

Mental health and suicide is a massive issue- worldwide.
Currently, Sri Lanka is in fourth place amongst countries with the highest rates of suicides in the world – and has the highest suicide rate in the entire South East Asia region, with the male rate 4 times the female rate.
I understand that this is part of life. A very sad part of life. But it has to stop.

If you’re suffering in ANY way. If work is getting you down. If you’re being bullied online. If you’ve had a breakup. If you’re not loving life. If you’re not loving yourself – speak up!! Talk to someone- ANYONE. Write a letter. Tell a stranger. SOMEone will listen. They will, I promise.

Life is so precious, and so beautiful and it is dang well worth living.

Big love to you all,

10 thoughts on “You matter

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  2. Rambling Rose

    Sad .. and shows a caring heart to exhort persons to talk to someone. It is indeed sad when people feel so inundated with life that they decide it is not worth it. Wish and pray that people will be more alert and tuned to the faces and actions of those around that can betray their desolation.
    Best in your travels. Are you still in my land ? (SL)


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