Hiking with kids in Hong Kong – Lion Rock

February 16th, 2018

I don’t want to speak too soon – but I think I have a new found love….for HIKING!

During our time in Hong Kong, we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton for a few days…(you can read all about that here), and one evening we got talking with one of the wonderful staff members who recommended we try hiking Lion Rock.

Lion Rock is 495 metres high and receives its name due to its resemblance to a crouching  lion.

Before arriving in Hong Kong – I had read an online article about the great hikes in Hong Kong.
Was this a coincidence, or was hiking calling my name…?
It was never something high up on my to-do list in a city with so much to offer, but after chatting with Fiona who made it sound so wonderful and worthwhile – even showing us some of her own photos, how could we not?!

After breakfast one morning and with a bundle of goodies kindly packed by the Ritz crew (who probably knew we were really going to struggle!!!), we set off, in 7ºC temperatures,  to conquer the notorious Lion Rock.

It took us around 4 hours in total, stopping a few times along the way for bananas and a sneaky Mars bar (thanks Ritz crew!) 9.5kms of steps and rocky terrain. Hills and valleys. We did it!!! TEAM BARNES!!!
The hike definitely wasn’t easy, but we got there, and the feeling of reaching the top was so darn satisfying!!!! BEST view in Hong Kong!
The kids did so well. The only children we saw on the track all day.
I would probably suggest that this climb is suitable for children 10 and older. It is pretty hard going and quite a long trek for little legs.

We later read that the Lion Rock hike is classed a 4 out of 5 on the difficulty scale…(I should have guessed that…)

Pack lots of water and snacks.
Also mosquito spray and sunscreen. You’ll also want your camera/phone/GoPro.
It is just way too beautiful to not capture!
Watch out for monkeys. If you see one, or some – just keep walking and make sure if you do stop for a snack – keep your eyes peeled!

The one thing I really love about hiking is that anyone can have a go. Any shape or size – any fitness level. Just go at your own pace and the reward at the top is priceless!

Now I am wondering, do you think the kids could handle the Inca Trail…?

Peace out,


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