Giveaway: The Aromatherapy Company’s Smith & Co. Artisan candles pack


6th July, 2017

“The Aromatherapy Company’s Smith & Co. Artisan candles are inspired by skillfully crafted retro tins and fragranced with classic candy flavours that evoke a reminiscence of our childhood.”

I’ve teamed up with The Aromatherapy Company and I have a 4 pack of these delectable candles, valued at $100, to giveaway to one lucky candle loving winner.
These are so unique and smell utterly fabulous!
The prize is a gift box set of 4 candles-Fruit Pastille, Lemon Bon Bon, Rose Water Drops, Apple & Gingersnap, beautifully packaged and delivered to your doorstep.
The competition will run until this Sunday 9th July 9pm AEST.
*Competition is open for Australian and New Zealand residents only

To enter, it’s super simple – just comment below and tell me your fondest childhood memory.
I cant wait to read some of these!

Any questions, just ask.

Big love,




15 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Aromatherapy Company’s Smith & Co. Artisan candles pack

  1. Shell

    My favourite involves my Grandad, I was almost 4 and we were sitting on the backyard swing (the a frame, 3 person 70’s swing) and he was playing the spoons, I started to collect the dandelions growing in the lawn to make a tiara out of them, who needs daisies? I got stung by a bee, and my allergic reaction started, while everyone else panicked, Granddad just kept me distracted running around jumping up and down “killing any bees he saw” doubt he actually hurt one, but I never noticed the injection I got from the ambos, so it worked.
    Love him, miss him, miss his laugh and joy.

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  2. Linh

    Hi Clare,
    I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood but my all time favourite is running around with my friends in my village back in Vietnam. I remember it rained so hard that it made bubbles in the puddles(we didn’t have very good drainage system in Vietnam) 😃

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  3. Chris

    Oh gosh, there are so many! But I think the strongest is the weekend picnics. We’d load up the cars and whoever was free would come along, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We usually head to the bush somewhere, find an open spot to picnic, have a bush walk, learn about wildflowers from Grandad and if you were lucky someone would have brought totem tennis. Always somewhere new to go and something new to find. Good times!!

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  4. Gemma Bardsley

    The first Christmas after my Grandpa passed away, the whole family had Christmas up at Snells Beach. Santa knew that all of us kids were up there and dropped our presents off. Christmas morning was insane – all of the adults had gone nuts with present buying. Looking back, I can see that they were all grieving and this was one of the ways for them to heal. Sitting there with all of my cousins, aunties and uncles and my Nana was so much fun, everyone was just happy to be together and enjoying the moment.

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  5. Erin Lundberg

    Hi Clare,
    My favourite memory would have to be our beach holiday to the Torquay caravan park, we went every school holidays and it was the best. They had kids entertainment which my brother and I loved, we had to get our cards stamped to go. There were always kids everywhere riding bikes, such a happy time
    Erin x

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  6. Bec

    Where do I start?! I was fortunate to have a fab childhood, so lucky. From my elderly grandmother tying a piece of corrigated iron to the back of a motorbike for us to sit on and hooning around a paddock (the tin would get so hot under our bums we had to roll off onto the grass haha).. to family picnics in the back yard and making mud pies with my 2 brothers. Fun times growing up down in Warrnambool x

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