6th June, 2017

Change. Some love it. So loathe it.
Me? I guess I’m somewhere in the middle, typical Libran. 

I am a bit of an ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ type of gal. I don’t like changing hairdressers, upgrading phones, ordering something at a cafe that I’ve never had before when I know I’ll be happy with my trusty smashed avo. I don’t like bra shopping or trying a new coffee shop incase their coffee is no good. It’s the small stuff that I don’t like changing.
Big stuff however- totally different story.
I love growth and personal development. Putting myself out of my comfort zone. This has become something I have only learned to love as I’ve matured.
I like the change of season. From Summer to Autumn, Winter to Spring. I like moving house, and all the ‘new-ness’ that comes along with it. I like the world of the unknown. Believing that there is so much greatness to come along, and just having the faith that everything will fall into place.

Recently I resigned from my day job. A job I consider myself extremely blessed to have been offered. Over the past few years I have changed and grown so much. I knew that this year was my year of shift, I was just waiting for the timing to be perfect. (I’ve spoken about my unsettled feeling at the beginning of the year here…)
I had my finger in too many pies, so to speak. Something had to give.
Moving forward, I will be focusing more on this itty bitty blog, and also my own Interior design and styling business. Being my own boss and being home a little more. It’s a big step – but one I had to make for myself. I am a little nervous, but super duper excited!

After all – one door closes and another opens.

Tell me, do you like change?

Big love,

Clare’s get-up:
Earrings by: Miss Kelly Handmade
Roll Neck Knit by: Frankie and Co. (gifted)
Jacket: An oldie, but a goodie


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