Letter to my Lily – 10 Years Young

November 23rd, 2016

Tomorrow you will wake a 10 year old.
They say the years fly by in a flash and indeed they truly do.

I will never forget the day you came into this wonderful, crazy, fast paced, ever-changing world of ours.
It was a Friday afternoon and you were in such a rush. 6 weeks and 2 days early.
Weighing just over 2 kilograms and almost 50cms long, you were tall and lean.
A little jaundice, but beautifully healthy, with strong lungs, and the sweetest little birthmark on your bottom.
I was head over heels in love at first sight.

Sometimes I have to take a moment. Sit back and take it all in. You chose me. You chose us. How blessed we are.

A true Daddy’s girl, and you are so much like him. You inherited his calm nature, his blue eyes and his cute button nose. I love that you have your Dad’s relaxed outlook on life. You don’t sweat the small stuff.
You are appreciative and kind. Incredibly thoughtful and grateful for the life you have and for the world around you.
You are also a lot like me in many ways. You permanently have your nose in a book.
So creative and observant. You notice the smallest of details and have such a vivid memory.
You adore your brother, and I am often reminding you that you are his sister, not his mother. You are the best of friends – most of the time.

You love school and adore your friends. Your teacher thinks you’re pretty special too. He tells me so.

Currently, you dream of being a Vet when you’re older. Such an animal lover you are. You make me nervous with your laid back ways – going up to any animal you see, anywhere, at any time. You’re asking me for a kitten 68 times a day. Maybe we will have to do some volunteering at the animal shelter so you can get your fix.

You know how to push my buttons, and you’re a real stirrer when you want to be, but you also know how to apologise with sincerity and make amends.

You tell me I am your best friend and it makes my heart explode.
You too are mine.
I love that you still kiss me at the school gate and ask me to tuck you in each night.

You’re funny, so very funny…with the wackiest sense of humour, just like your Aunty.
Without knowing, you teach me something new each and every day.

You’re a wonderful human and it is an honour to call you mine.
Thankyou for being you. Thankyou for making me a Mum.

Happy Birthday little shicken.

Love you more.

-Mum xx


8 thoughts on “Letter to my Lily – 10 Years Young

  1. Kylie Jane

    Oh my, beautiful words Clare. Can’t believe how fast the last ten years have gone. Life is truly wonderful having our little people calling us Mum. Enjoy every minute tomorrow and take a moment to breathe it all in xxxx


  2. Rachel S

    Beautiful Clare – I might have had a little tear… (happy ones! – admiring and understanding ones too maybe 😊).
    You two make a perfect little team.
    I still cannot work out where the last 10 years have gone.
    PS – don’t forget her fairy bread tomorrow – after all it is fairy bread day!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ebevan

    I’m crying like a baby!
    What a beautiful family you have, inside and out you truly are the most wonderful human I know!
    All my love to you!
    Happy Birthday kitten!


  4. Jessica

    How perfectly articulated and what a beautiful daughter you have- so lovely to read with a little tear daughters are so special (most of the time 😉) xo

    Liked by 1 person

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