Letter to our Spencer Boy – 11 Years Young

4th March, 2019

Spenbucks, Monkey-boy, Buck-a-chino, Spenny, Spendoodle.
So many nick names we have for you, our little man.
This weekend you celebrated turning 11.

All you asked for was for your best buddy Nick to come and sleepover. To have a Nerf war, pizza and chocolate cake. Easily pleased.

A huge year you’ve had and I am so proud of you. You tell me every morning how much you miss travelling. I do too. But I also know just how much you love being back. Back to “normal”. Back to your school and your friends. Back to family and all things familiar.
You’re loving Grade 5, and have some fantastic mates.
You’re learning the guitar and still love basketball.

You are definitely a morning person. Always the first one awake, singing and humming a tune as you go about your morning chores- feeding the animals, unpacking the dishwasher and making your bed.

Stirring up your big sister is one of your favourite pastimes – but hey, what are little brothers for?!

You’re always complimenting me on my cooking and are constantly hungry. Your lunch box comes home empty every single day of the year.
You decided almost 12 months ago to become a vegetarian, and you have fully committed to that choice. Well done you.

Your book collection is forever growing. This years birthday wish list consisted of two things, books and Nerf gear, and you cleaned up – lucky boy!

You love being outdoors, shooting hoops with Dad, scooting up and down the driveway or jumping on the tramp out in the backyard. Rain, hail or shine. You also love to dance. Flossing like a boss at any chance you get.

You challenge us. You love us hard and you’re always up for a cuddle.
Every single morning, at school drop off – you tell me over and over that you love me. You hold my hand in public and still sit on my knee on the couch. You look so small in your big double bed and my very favourite thing at the end of a long day, is to come in and be your big spoon for a moment or two and soak you all in. You’re the apple of my eye Spencer David. Happy Birthday buddy.
I cant wait to see what the next year brings you.

Keep being you and remember what I always say – be a shepherd, not a sheep.

Love you more,

Mum xx

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