Letter To My Lily – 12 Years Young

21st February, 2019

Almost 3 months has passed since you turned 12 and graduated Grade 6. The end of an era.
3 months of crazy, busy, silly season and fun, and I am only just now finding the time to sit down and reflect on you and all your amazingness.

I apologise for the delay, my sweet girl. But as they say – better late than never, and I want these letters here for you to read in the years to come. For you to look back and see what I see.

For your birthday, all you asked for was to go horse riding with your bestie. So that is precisely what we did. That plus a sleepover full of giggles, and an afternoon tea with cake and delicious goodies with your extended family – you were one very loved and spoiled 12 year old.

My girl. What a year you have had. You experienced so much in one year and what an honour it was to be by your side. To see your eyes open in awe, to show you so many wonders. To watch you step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. You surprise me each and every day.
You finished off your Grade 6 year with all of your friends and teachers. It was the perfect end to your incredible year.
One of your teachers said to me “It’s as if she never left. Picked up right where she left off…” What a champ!

You were a little nervous about starting Year 7. New classes, new teachers, new friends…but you have taken to it like a duck to water. More organised than ever. Your room is always tidy…you are back in the pool, swimming each week and just aced the school Swimming Carnival. You’re taking guitar lessons and you greet me every afternoon with a smile on your dial. Oh how it warms the cockles of my heart to see you blossoming.
You have started to write songs, putting music to your lyrics, and it lights you up inside. You’re into photography and are always, always drawing or writing, or reading.
You love to do your hair and clothes are slowly becoming more of an interest – although you still ask me to pick your outfits. Boys are not even on your radar, which I also LOVE! You’re not fussed with makeup – but you love a good lip gloss and having your nails done. Your foot is now bigger than mine (currently, you’re wearing 9.5 womens). You love your sleep and your favourite foods are still pasta and cheese!

I know how lucky I am to be your Mum, I truly do. As you know my Mum (your beautiful Grandma Deb) passed away only a few months before I started Year 7. She never got to see my first day of high school. I know how lucky I am to be there for you at school each morning and afternoon. At your school events, and after school activities. I really do know, and I will never ever take that for granted.

Keep being exactly as you are Lily Jane. A great friend. Honest, caring, humble and sweet. Always looking out for others and aware of what is happening around you.
A wonderful daughter. Full of love and cuddles. A little sassy at times – but hey, I’d be worried if I wasn’t copping some of that at your age! You love a chat and you’re always confiding in me. I hope that never changes.

You’re a good egg Lilzee. We all know it. Go for gold my girl.
Happy, Happy Birthday – albeit 3 months late.
Love you so much!

Muggalugz (as you so lovingly call me…) xx

PS: Thank you for allowing me to still post photos and write about you here. x

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