Hello 2019!

20th February, 2019

Good golly Miss Molly!!
We are already at the end of February…where on earth does the time go?!

You may (or may not…) have noticed my absence round these parts, and to be completely honest, I totally lost my blog mojo for a bit there. That – as well as my photography mojo and my social media mojo…
BUT – I am back and hoping to FINALLY get this blog caper up to date. I must write about the rest of our travel adventure before I forget it. So that is my goal over the next few weeks. To get back on track. To open my laptop more often, and write. To edit allllllll the photos and get them up here for you to see.

We had a lovely end to 2018. Lily turned 12 and graduated Grade 6 with her peers. Feels like yesterday I was walking my Preppy into start her very first day of Primary School, and now that chapter of her life is all over.

Christmas was wonderful. Two big days of family, food and festivities. It was lovely to be back and surround ourselves with our favourite people again.
The school holidays were lovely also. Lots of sleepovers and catchups with friends and cousins. Movie dates, bowling and roller skating. Baking, cooking  and creating. 6 weeks of sleep-ins and rejuvenating before the start of the new year.

We have well and truly settled into our new home. Every room is complete and so cosy. We’re in a new suburb, so we’re still getting to know the place, but the area is great and super convenient. We used to live about 20 minutes out of town, and now we’re only about 5, so it’s just perfect. Life is good. We are happy and content and diving deep into the new year. Planning new adventures and enjoying each moment.

Well, this is just a quick one to stop in and let you know I am jumping back on the horse, and soon enough your inboxes will be flooded with my blog updates!!

You can also stay up to date over on my Instagram if you like.

Hope you’re well.

Big love,

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