We made it to the Grand Canyon!

14th September, 2018

We made it!!
If I am totally honest – we hadn’t factored in the Grand Canyon before arriving in the US. Not because we weren’t interested, it was simply that we didn’t think we would have the time.

As it turns out, we ended up staying in the US for much longer than we everrrrr expected and being able to see places like the Grand Canyon added so much to the entire experience.

We decided to visit the North Rim as we were coming from Utah. We based our decision on a few factors – with the main one being the distance. We’d already had a big day of driving and it would have been another 3.5+ hours to reach the South Rim…(it’s a HUGE area)!
The elevation of the North Rim is over 1500 feet more than the South Rim. Another bonus – better views!
Also, the North Rim is quieter with only 1 million visitors per year, compared to that of the South – at over 5 million a year. We liked the idea of less crowds hopefully easy to find a car park.
We were SO GLAD with our decision!!
Arriving at the most magical time of day – late afternoon, and it was absolutely, positively  gob-smackingly gorgeous! The sunlight hitting the Canyon in all the right spots – it was glorious!

We walked around the top walkways and out to the lookouts, making a few friends along the way. There weren’t too many people around and it felt so surreal to stand there and look across the canyon. As far as the eye could see, in every direction – it was amazing.
We found a little spot on a safe rock and just sat there together to soak it all in for a while.

We LOVED our time at the Canyon. It was a really special experience for the four of us.
Thanks America – you go alright!

Next stop, VEGAS BABY!!!


– The North Rim is closed for 6 months of the year (November through April) due to weather.
– Entry fee is $30USD per vehicle.

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