Letter to our Spencer – 10 years young

28th February, 2018

Oh my sweet boy, tomorrow you will wake a 10 year old.
Double digits. How can that be, where has that decade gone, my boy?
Time does fly when you’re having fun, and the past 10 years with you in our lives, have been exactly that. And more.

You may be turning 10, but you will always be the baby of our little family of 4. The final member of our team.

The past few months have been a big change for us all. Taking you away from all you’ve ever known. It was you I was most concerned about. Worried that you wouldn’t cope too well with the loose, slow paced lifestyle – but you’re absolutely thriving.
You are relaxed and happy and you just love having Dad around all day, every day. So much so that Mum has been benched a little. I don’t mind though, I love watching you and your Dad together – you two have something pretty special.
Just as you do with your sister.
The pair of you are like chalk and cheese, but you truly are best friends and this travel adventure is bringing you even closer.

You’re such a good little brother. Always out to please your sister who you adore.
Playing mermaid games in the ocean and watching Barbie movies. One day she will be so grateful.

You miss your best mate Nick, but thanks to modern technology, you get your ‘Nick fix’ once a week, which always gives you a little extra pep in your step!

You are the happiest when near the water, and are absolutely loving body boarding whenever you have the chance.
You’re still mad about basketball. Kyrie (“Top of the key, pops back for 3…”) Irving remains your all time favourite. How lucky are you to have a Daddy who is just as obsessed with the sport as you are. You’re both off shooting hoops any chance you get. You still dream of being an NBA player when you grow up, and Clash Royale is also a favourite pastime – when you’re allowed on your iPad…!

You love life and all that it has to offer.
You’re as cheeky as you are sweet.
As crazy as you are cautious.
You’re funny. You’re soft and gentle. You’re loving and kind and thoughtful.
You can also be as stubborn as an ox, and a little short-tempered at times. You are strong-willed and determined which are qualities I admire.

You know exactly how to work your cute dimple faced magic with me and always seem to know when I need one of your special snuggles.

How lucky you are to be celebrating your 10th birthday in the magical Maldives. Your one wish was to swim with sea turtles. Yesterday we made that dream a reality for you and how magical it was for us all.

Thankyou for always letting me snuggle into that soft little crook in your neck and kiss your soft face all over. You’re my best buddy and I just think the world of you.

My sweet boy, you are so blessed in this life, don’t ever forget that.
Happy Birthday my little Spendoodle Buckets. Enjoy your special day.

Love you more,

Mum xx

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