Letter to my Lily – 11 years young

Thursday 23rd November, 2017

To my big girl.
Tomorrow you will wake an 11 year old.
You don’t want to get older. You want to be a little girl forever. A girl who plays with her dolls, enjoys make believe and reading fairy tales.
I keep reminding you that even when you’re an adult, you can still enjoy those things. Getting older is a gift and a joy. Especially for an 11 year old with the world at her feet!

The older you get the taller you grow. Those legs are so long and lean. Very soon your foot will be bigger than mine and you’ll be pinching my shoes.

You are so funny, and one of your favourite things in life is a good practical joke. You’re a complete and utter dag, and I love that about you!
You don’t care much for what people think. You walk to the beat of your own drum – another quality I adore.
I admire you, my sweet girl. My crazy, feisty girl.
You will argue a point ‘til you’re blue in the face, and you know how to grind my gears, but you also know how to love, and love hard you do!
You’re thoughtful, clever, loyal and can count your best friends on one hand. Always choosing quality over quantity. A wise choice.
You are so observant and have the very best memory of any kid I know!

When I asked Spencer to describe you, this is what he said:
“She is brave, bossy, beautiful and I love her to the moon and back a million times. She sticks up for me. She’s my friend as well as my big sister.”

Your bond with your Dad grows more and more with each passing year. You’re like two peas in a pod and you’re both so lucky to have each other.

Currently your doll Daisy is your most prized possession.
You spend hours making accessories and furniture for her room, and each new place we stay on our trip, Daisy’s bedroom is the first to be unpacked and setup.
You’ve just discovered a love for Harry Potter, and Pandas are still your favourite creature. When you grow up, your dream is to work at a Zoo in China.
You love to braid your hair anywhere, anytime. Climbing trees is also another one of your favourite things. Those long legs definitely come in handy!

You are loving our family adventure, and being all together. You’re definitely not too shy to walk up to a local and ask for directions, or ask about food or the weather. We knew you’d thrive, but didn’t realise it would happen so soon. It’s a joy to see for your Dad and I. You make us so proud.

Don’t ever forget how much I love you my girl. No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my little Shicken.

Happy 11th Birthday to you!

Love you more.

Mum xx



8 thoughts on “Letter to my Lily – 11 years young

  1. Kaka

    Our first born. I could not love her more than i do. All these words are so spot on. The biggest dag, and the funniest sweetest girl. I love you to bits and pieces, yiyi jane. Have the best birthday!! (Even without your kaka…) xoxo

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  2. Hilary

    This made me a teary mess. So proud of you Lily Jane.. i love you like my own and with each passing year you just grow even more golden. Speak to you tomorrow on Melbourne time bday girl. Love always xx

    Liked by 1 person

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